Sport Halls

Complex execution of sports facilities

Innovative technologies
and innovative solutions

Sport Halls Sp Ltd. specialize in complex execution of sports facilities from the project after putting investment with permission to use. We develop its activities on the Polish and European markets. In our projects we use innovative technologies and innovative solutions.

The policy of our activity is the implementation of investment at a high level of quality. Thanks to the seriousness and complexity of the services we have developed a strong position in the industry and investor confidence. Within a few years of its activity we performed more than 100 halls in Poland, making it significantly contributed to the development of physical culture in the country.

Our Offer

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Punctuality, quality of investments, passion of creating and individual approach to the client.

These are four pillars on which Sport Halls Ltd. is based on – Mirosław Adamczak, Radosław Słaba


Cooperated with us

We present you some of our business partners, for whom we had the pleasure to work:

Starostwo Powiatowe w Łodzi
Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa
Gmina Polkowice
Urząd Gminy Kruszwica
Urząd Gminy Ruja
Urząd Gminy Czerwonak
Urząd Gminy w Żychlinie
Urząd Gminy w Dobroniu
Urząd Miejski w Toszku