Acrylic sports surfaces

Our projects of acrylic surfaces

  • Sport Halls s.c. Acrylic surfaces
  • Sport Halls s.c. Acrylic surfaces
  • Sport Halls s.c. Acrylic surfaces
  • Sport Halls s.c. Acrylic surfaces
  • Material: synthetic resin
  • Application: tennis courts, multi-purpose fields,
    skate parks, playgrounds
  • Color: 12 basic colors,
    there is a possibility to choose individual colors

Professional tennis surfaces, ITF Approved

Acrylic Surfaces are mainly used for the construction of the tennis courts. On such surfaces hosts a series of tennis tournaments. Completely maintenance free and extremely durable – are made of high quality synthetic resins.

They can be used as a multifunctional surfaces on the pitch, skate parks, as well as playgrounds. They are characterized by good adhesion footwear, and thus, ensure high dynamics of the game.

Surfaces are resistant to weathering, provide for adequate reflection and the average speed of the ball.
Acrylic surface is flexible and vapor permeable and has a very limited permeability. In addition, surfaces made of acrylic stand out durability, strength and unique life. Foundation for an asphalt concrete surfacing acrylic laid with a fall. Surface Acrylic is applied in layers, after drying the previous layer is applied to another. In order to obtain suitable elasticity conditions, some of the components comprise EPDM granules.

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